What color is your front door?

5/5/12 update: https://streetwisedecor.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/front-door-makeover-lessons-learned/


When I painted my front door a Purple Rain inspired purple (it has since faded in the sun), I got a huge kick out of watching other front doors in the neighborhood follow suit. But now I’m lagging behind trends and I’m ready to paint mine black. The only problem is, a few neighbors beat me to it. So now I’m second guessing myself. Should I start a new trend? Or become a disciple of conformity?

I even have my all-green boxwood wreath ready.

What color is your front door?

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6 responses to “What color is your front door?

  • Asia @ Cape Cod Dreams

    We just bought our first home home, but are waiting to close. Right now, the front door of the home is covered by a storm door, but I believe the wood door is white. When we move in, I plan on removing the storm door and painting the inner wood door a bright red! The house is white with black shutters, so I think it will really REALLY make a statement. Who knows, maybe I might even start a neighborhood trend!

    I definitely think you should start a another trend! Go for it! 🙂

  • Donkey Whisperer Farm

    Green, the color of my front door is green. 🙂

  • Pulchra Doctrina

    Our actual home… Glossy black! Looks nice with the vintage Lion door knocker my parents found in England. But unfortunately our house is earth quake damaged so we are in a rental with a bright red front door :)… quite like the red. Colour is so great in an entry way! I feel it greets people before you do 🙂

    • Jeanette

      See I love the glossy black and I really want to do this, but it takes a cooler day and no direct sunlight to do it RIGHT! I am pinning doors on Pinterest right now as we speak, and the gloss black still stands out. Thanks for following and for you comment. I homeschooled my son during his 5th grade year, and he really blossomed.

      • Pulchra Doctrina

        Glossy black also attracts dust like a magnet! I was cleaning my door a little too often for my liking :). Pinterest is so great for ideas! We are possibly getting a rebuild on our property so I am enjoying pinning ideas to keep me positive and focused :). My eldest is looking like she is in the Highly Sensitive Child spectrum and homeschooling over the last year has indeed helped her to blossom! Thanks for popping by 🙂

  • knieling2012

    We have gone from green to teal green but since our house is brick and shudders aren’t a option we are limited ….maybe yellow orange.

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