Rock & Roll…

One of our passions is collecting new and vintage rock memorabilia…of the punk-rock-British-invasion variety. Here is a sneak peek at some of the elements that will make their way to our newly remodeled industrial basement.

We plan to have a funky mix of antiques and Steampunk elements making their way into the space as well. Think “Restoration Hardware” on the cheap. We want to fill this space with lots of eye candy from our past, including concert photos and autographs, framed album covers and concert tickets.

Music is usually pumping through the veins of all of us here at our house…from The Who, The Clash, English Beat, Mumford & Sons. Thanks to my boyfriend…British and American rockers are almost always playing in the background. And thanks to ME…we now both play gee-tar (in our free time).

So yes, our home will have a split personality.

Come upstairs in the cottage sunroom for a spot of tea…

…or head downstairs for a pint at the pub, and some head banging!

Carry on!

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Download vintage concert tracks….like this Elton John concert in Cleveland, circa 1977 (one of my affiliate’s links, called Wolfgang’s Vault)

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Putting a twist of vintage in all things new. I come from a family of real "American Pickers"...and I love to decorate with old photographs, art deco, steampunk, vintage travel posters, old postcards, subtle faux finishes, sports and rock & roll memorabilia. 100% self-taught on most things, including decorating and playing guitar...and now feeling my way through the blogging community. View all posts by Jeanette @ snazzylittlethings

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