Blog Phase II

20130202-210700.jpgLooking back at 2012, I realize that my relationship with the blogging world has been very fulfilling, but complicated. Streetwise originally started out as a way to channel my excitement for our DIY progress into a medium other than Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, our Facebook friends were supportive of us when we spammed them constantly with our before and after pictures…but when you’re remodeling two houses on opposite ends of the state, keeping your head above water and DIY becomes almost the only thing you think about. The more pictures I would post, the more I realized that Facebook wasn’t the right forum to find other DIY enthusiasts.

It took me a while to get my bearings and to feel comfortable in blogland. Blogging my goals last year made me accountable. By stating one’s goals out loud, even if it’s to a single blog follower…someone, somewhere out on the World Wide Web is reading your story. Plus, when you find other people who share your hobbies and passions, you perpetuate inspiration inside your own creative “think tank”. It took me a long time to acclimate to blogland.

But I get it now.

Blog Phase One = RETIRED!
So here’s the thing…you can only do so much to a house. On that note, I declare that “Phase One” of our dueling house remodeling is DONE, and therefore, so is “Phase One” of the blog.

Blog Phase TWO
So onward and upward! Hello Phase Two!!!! With that, here are some ideas I’m kickin’ around for my blog this 2013.

Vintage eStore
I am assembling quite a mix of vintage home decor. Stay tuned as we put this quaint little collection together. This new site is under construction! You’ll find steampunk & industrial motifs, rock & roll memorabilia and much more.

More Budget DIY. Avoid trends. Embrace edgy.
I admit it, I love edgier decorating. To me…every wall is a “feature wall”. I love risk takers and have assembled a nice collection of other bloggers that think the same way. While I do follow some trends, I don’t think they should dictate every piece of decorating. I want classics! I want eclectic! What keeps me up at night is thinking of ways to use home decor as an artistic expression. I always, always push myself, and sometimes I miss the mark. But I want to have a house filled with items that reflect the personalities of our family members. That may mean doing something edgier that reflects our own taste, rather than always taking the safe route.

Feature Guest Bloggers
I want to WILL feature other bloggers and invite guest posters into the mix…people who are curators of all things unique. I also love risky DIY project do-ers. Steampunk enthusiasts, lovers of Art Deco, French Country, women with sledgehammers…this means you!

Be Budget Conscious. Ask “Buy vs. Build???”
So in Phase Two…my basic question is and will be “which is cheaper? To buy or build?”. While I love the occasional splurge, sometimes I do things as cheaply as possible for the sheer thrill of it! I want people to vote on these choices with me when I am at a design crossroads. I will post pictures of antiques that *might* come home for a touch up. I want to engage other curators of cool stuff on this site and build forums as well. I want I want I want.

Be Real
Meaning, I need to WILL post more personal articles. While I could say that 15 months of two home remodels occupied 100% of my time, the truth is I would draw a complete blank when it came time to write from the heart. Let’s just say that there are a lot of reasons behind why I have been so incredibly cost-conscious cheap…so maybe I should share a more personal side of myself. So I will work to do that in the coming year. I love people who have a colorful past, and my life is no different. Insert tags. – autism, divorce, single parent, discrimination, job-loss, ex’s, other people’s hoarding, finding love again. I may or may not write about all of it…but believe me, it’s all in there!

About Jeanette @ snazzylittlethings

Putting a twist of vintage in all things new. I come from a family of real "American Pickers"...and I love to decorate with old photographs, art deco, steampunk, vintage travel posters, old postcards, subtle faux finishes, sports and rock & roll memorabilia. 100% self-taught on most things, including decorating and playing guitar...and now feeling my way through the blogging community. View all posts by Jeanette @ snazzylittlethings

2 responses to “Blog Phase II

  • hippogriff

    This sounds great! I’ll be especially interested in any steampunk stuff you or your guest posters cover…

    • streetwisediy

      Thanks for the comment, I can’t wait. Let me know what type of stuff you’re looking for and I will try to find it. I especially love architectural drawings and blueprints. Mechanical dragons and laser gun renderings will probably make their way into our basement remodel.

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